Ouroboros is a symbol that is represented with an animal (generally of form or proximity to a serpent) that engulfs its own tail. It symbolizes the eternal effort, eternal struggle or useless effort; the cyclical nature of things. The eternal return that begins again despite the actions to prevent it.

From Nietzsche’s texts about the Eternal Return (present in Thus Spoke Zarathustra and especially in the essay The Gay Science) the film project reflects on the History and the injustices that were on the events that took place in Mexico (October 1968). These events keep repeating and manifesting themselves in one way or another. History marks us and points out events with a distance as an unrepeatable past and that has no relation to our present. It is from a philosophical point of view that we reflect on what this means. There is an allegory to the Mexican subway because it was part of the Mexican progress at that time as a symbol (even though its planning and construction began much earlier); the Mexican subway was inaugurated in 1969.

The film uses audios from a news interview to the Mexico City Mayor (1968) and Enrique Peña Nieto (President from 2012 to 2018) with a message about the Ayotzinapa case (2014). There are also manipulation audios from de candidates for the Presidency in Mexico (2018)

Year: 2018
Digital HD 16:9. 16 mm intervened film and personal archive
Black and white.
Duration 8:53 min
Project realized with the support of the Ingmar Bergman Chair for Cinema and Theater (UNAM), The Film Library (UNAM); National Cinematheque, Goethe Intitute Mexiko, DOCS MX, and Ambulante Festival.



2022 Festival of (In)appropriation 12. Premiere at Los Angeles Filmforum on October 2 and at The UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) on October 19th. Guest Curators: Marie-Pierre Burquier, Allyson Unzicker, and Micki Davis

2021 TV UNAM. Broadcast screening. April 12. México

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