Interactive audiovisual installation

Apoptosis is a pathway of cell auto destruction or programmed cell death, and it’s caused by the same organism. This happens when the cell is no longer needed or is damaged; we can say that the cell recognizes that «its time to die has come» and in this way stabilizes the functioning of the organism in which it habits.

Apoptosis is an audiovisual essay about the suicide.

It is an installation with 2 films that unfold simultaneously. It is silent and the audios are heard when the spectator steps on the plates on the floor. The more people step on the plates, the greater the volume of the projection.


One of the projections is made up of philosophical and literary quotes; The other projection contains posthumous testimonies from several suicides. When the installation is activated with its audios on both screens, it allows a dialogue to be established between the two films, even confusing, sometimes, where the audio comes from.

Most of the images used for the philosophical screen were frames captured from fictional films with the characters removed, leaving only the background. Excerpts from scenes where a suicide is shown on screen. The testimonials were displayed, mostly with animations of actions in detail; these were made digitally.

The essay addresses 4 main thematic blocks: Hopelessness; Science and disease; Right and Freedom; and finally, the Society. The quotes and the testimonies were mounted under this lines and order.

This installation was supported by PAPIAM of the Multimedia Center of the Centro Nacional de las Artes (Mexico, 2019) and was presented in the program’s exhibition at the same Multimedia Center (Mexico, 2022).


Stills from the videos
Video interactive installation. 1 wooden screen with 4 speakers hiden inside; 2 projectors; 1 computer; 8 floor sensor plates
Duration:  26:21 min
Variable measurements




Video installation, expanded cinema, suicide, photography, interactive installation,