Coalescence Multimedia scene project in collaboration with Magdalena Martínez Franco Coalescence is a Performance – Multimedia Dance. Scenic project that includes a 3-sided structure. The structure is mobile and its dimensions are 2.50 meters high by 2.50 meters wide per side. The structure is composed of more than 400 magnifying glasses of plastic (each oneContinue reading Coalescence

untitled, subtitled

untitled. subtitled Video installation with 2 screens. Facing each other holding a conversation. Reflecting as if they were self-aware. The dialogues are taken from several fiction films. The debate of both screens is about concepts of reality, fiction and the relationship of both as media frontiers. The observer is between both screens (as if theyContinue reading untitled, subtitled

Sunday, July 29, 1923

Sunday, July 29, 1923 Expanded jewelry project in collaboration with goldsmith Michaela González A case is a small box or wrap that is used to store things. It is generally used for small objects of a certain value.             This piece known as The Cosmic Star is a silver caseContinue reading Sunday, July 29, 1923


Apoptosis Work in progress Expanded film project with an audiovisual essay on 2 and 3 screens. A first sketch in 3 screens version is shown Video installation, expanded cinema, suicide, photography