Multimedia scene project in collaboration with Magdalena Martínez Franco

Coalescence is a Performance – Multimedia Dance. Scenic project that includes a 3-sided structure. The structure is mobile and its dimensions are 2.50 meters high by 2.50 meters wide per side. The structure is composed of more than 400 magnifying glasses of plastic (each one of letter size; Inside the structure there are 2 nude performers. In all the scene you can only see the performers, and their movements, through the optical distortion of the magnifying glasses. Around the structure, 3 screens show images that are controlled live through a computer. The screens also show images of a closed circuit of 9 cameras that are installed inside the structure in different positions and frames. The selection of the images for the 3 screens is also live.

Coalescence is a single channel video that spreads parallel to the action on stage. It is not the performance record but rather another version on the same concept.

The video version is only transmitted over the internet.


Video, Performance, Multimedia, Dance, Experimental scene